Branco Peres

Waste water treatment

Located within the state of Sao Paulo in the town of Matão, the STP, - sewage treatment plant - is already a reality and places the region among the main cities in Brazil concerned with environmental protection.

The concessionaire CMS – Companhia Matonense de Saneamento - was founded on November 22, 2002, when the concession contract was signed. More than R$ 18 million were invested to build one of the most modern sewage treatment plants in Brazil.

In addition to treatment itself, CMS created the project São Lourenço Water spring and has conducted various pedagogical and environmental education activities, taking to the public schools of Matão, pedagogical projects, educational primers, events, lectures and various activities of awareness on the protection of fauna and flora, selective waste collection, better and economic use of water and of the entire environment. These projects are complemented by weekly technical visits to the STP, when children receive an explanation about the whole treatment process, watch an institutional video, and are given guidance primers.

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