Branco Peres

SUGAR-CANE - Industry

The Branco Peres Sugar and Alcohol Plant is headquartered in the city of Adamantina in the interior of the state of São Paulo. It is located along the highway Dr. Plácido Rocha at km 19.6. District of Lagoa Seca.

It is seated in a strategic region due to the extensive sugar-cane cultivation in the area. It is located 603 km from São Paulo. The Branco Peres Plant is 45 kms from the Marechal Rondon highway, one of the main roadways of the region and 30 kms from the highway Comandante Joao Ribeiro de Barros, another route for the transport of products from this region to the major centers.

The plant is designed to best provide the maximum production at the minimum cost for all it's products, be they alcohol, raw or processed sugar. This while strictly adhering to the concept of respecting basic socio economic principles and environmental standards while constantly striving to improve it's operations.