Branco Peres

Orange - Industry

Since 1979, the Branco Peres Group pursues state of the art technology and quality control in the production of concentrated orange juice.

This process ensures complete utilization of raw-material, allowing for production of derivatives such as essential oils, citrus terpene, citrus pulp and bran among others that supply the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

Most products of the Branco Peres Citrus are stored in the Netherlands, a highly favorable region for distribution, because it guarantees greater agility for trading operations in Europe.

Marketing is supported by the experience of those who have for over two decades worked with one of the world’s largest distributors and have now decided to combine recognized know-how of production and quality to a self-owned distribution system. Such autonomy by TBPG allows for the products high quality and facilitates even more competitive prices.

It is only the best fruit provided from the groups own orchards using advanced citriculture techniques and careful monitoring throughout the entire growing and processing stages that allow for the integration of total quality control from flower to final product.